We provide consulting and development of equipment to introduce IoT technology into agriculture. It is especially important to support small-scale agriculture in order to increase the self-sufficiency rate in Japan. We offer proposals for introduction including subsidies.

We develop human resources who can utilize technology based on a clear understanding of the purpose (purpose) of why it is necessary. We engage in dialogue to create inventions for co-creation, not competition. We offer educational courses for companies and individuals.


This consulting service is designed to incorporate environmental and intellectual property capabilities into your organization. We offer two types of consulting services: advisory and performance-based. We will propose a plan to create new intangible assets while utilizing our unique methods.


Creating a cycle of safe and secure food that is there as a matter of course, create an exciting space for the future of food.

Technology was born into the world to support people. However, in recent years, in addition to global environmental issues and power problems, the world has continued to eliminate cultures and technologies handed down from the past due to technological development and economic reasons.

Should we pretend that these modern technologies generally did not exist? The answer is no. Our mission at Root Brain is to fulfill the role of technology that was created for people, while allowing it to coexist in a sustainable society. We do not only encourage mass production and mass consumption, but we continue to support them by playing a small role in a small organization.

In particular, it is important to link the cycle to self-sufficiency in order to ensure the continued sustainability of the food safety and security that supports Japan’s food culture. We provide product services that become the roots (routes) of the trees that support agriculture while gathering information under the soil that people cannot see.

We will continue to create and co-create a world where things that have existed until now change their form and role to suit the coming age, and make the future society an exciting one.

Niki Town, Hokkaido, JAPAN

Root Brain Inc.



Company Name
Root Brain Inc.

October 2022

Representative Director
Kumi Osada

1F Frances Building
2-19-9 Ebisu Nishi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0021 Japan


+81 3 6892 2977(Direct)


Business Activities
-Product development and consulting business related to IoT
-Education business related to IoT
-Consulting business regarding intellectual property rights

Banks of Account

Mizuho Bank, Shibuya 

Partner Organizations

Japan Reskiling Consortium


The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry(C3012409)